Interviewing Heidi

Interviewing Heidi

Alumnas: What do you like most about Spain?

Heidi: I love Spanish people, to interact with the students and my host family

A: What did you think of Spain?

H: I love Spain.

A: What do you think about the people in Spain?

H: I love the people.

A: Do you like travelling? What is the best place you´re been to?

H: Yes, I love to travel. I can´t choose one place. I love Spain, New York City, the Netherlands, California…

A: What cities in Spain have you been to? Did you like them?

H: I’ve been to León, Salamanca, Barcelona, Sevilla, Córdoba, Madrid, Burgos, Bilbao, Ávila, Zaragoza, San Sebastián. And yes, I liked them.

A: Which country would do you like to travel to?

H: I would like to travel to Hawaii.

A: What countries have you visited in Europe?

H: I´ve visited the Netherlands, Italy and obviously Spain.

A: What did you feel when you first arrived in this country?

H: I felt nervous, excited and a bit shy.

A: Will you go back to Spain?

H: Yes, I will.

A: What do you think about the secondary school in Sahagun?

H: It’s very different, more relaxed, like the students and the teachers’ relation.

A: How many languages can you speak? Would you like to learn a new language? Which one?

H: I speak English and a little Spanish. No, these are enough. I would like to learn more Spanish.

A: What activities do you like doing to do in your free time?

H: I love going to the gym, hanging out with my friends, cooking…

A: What is your favorite Spanish food? And what food do you like the least?

H: My favourite food is the “tortilla” (Spanish omelette) and the olives; and the one I like the least is  seafood

A: What is your favorite sport? Do you like team sports or individual sports?

H: It is volleyball. I love playing beach volleyball in summer. I prefer team sports.

A: What kind of music do you usually listen to? When was the last time you went to a concert?

H: I listen to many types of music, mainly reggaeton and pop, but I also listen to rap. I was at a Jason Derulo concert in September 2016 and I enjoyed it a lot.

A: Do you like animals? Do you have any?

H: Yes, I have a dog. It is 15 years old.

A: How do you feel about going to Chicago?

H: I want to go back to Chicago, but I also feel sad. I have been in Spain for three months, and it has been fantastic, but I also miss my family.

A: What customs are typical in Chicago?

H: In Chicago, on weekends you get up early, while in Spain you get up around one or two o´clock. Also, in Chicago the main sport is American football, and the Super Bowl is very important (it is the final of American football league).

A: What do you like most about this experience? Would you repeat it?

H: I have had a very good experience, I have met great people and I have learned many things. I would like to come back on another occasion.


Autor/a: 1ºA Bach: Ana Ibáñez López, Ane Bajo Bermúdez, Sara Rodríguez García, Alba Durántez Rodriguez.

1ºB Bach: Noemí Lorenzo Borje, Sharay Peña Mata, Tamara Rodríguez Calvo.

Editor/a:  Marina Vega Llorente.

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