What is a Bucket List?

What is a Bucket List?

A bucket list is a collection of goals, dreams and aspirations that you would like to accomplish within your lifetime. The basic meaning of a bucket list is to keep track of your goals and to take steps to achieving these goals in order to maximize the incredible experiences in your life. 

Due to the bucket list meaning and definition, some people have some strong emotions about the term, mostly because it is a reminder of their own mortality. But, a bucket list is really about living life to the fullest with all the hours you have left on Earth.  Other terms you can use are:

  • Dream List
  • Life’s Aspiration List
  • My Lifetime Goals
  • Things to Conquer
  • My Life’s Must Dos

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There are some bucket list’s examples:

  • Things I want to do before I`m 25
    • I would love to participate in a singing contest like “OT´´ or “La Voz´´. My greatest passion is singing and I would like to be a singer. When I sing I am happy and I’m proud of myself.
    • I would like to go Disneyland Paris with my family. I am 15 years old, but I still love the magic world of children, I wouldn’t like to go only with my parents, I’d prefer to go with my cousins, my brother, my parents, all my family.
    • I would like to succeed in the driving test and get the driving license, when I have it, I’ll go to a lot of places with my car.
    • I love fashion and I’d like to study to become a fashion designer. I’ll try to pass all my exams to get the Bachillerato certificate and to start a degree in Fashion Design.
    • Another thing that I’d like to do before I’m 25 is attending a fashion show in Madrid or better, in Paris. I’d love to do this.
    • I would like to travel abroad, to the Nordic countries, with my cousin, we love these countries and there are a lot of things to visit there.
  • Before I´m 25 I´d like to…
    • Become bilingual. I´d like it because, in our current society, I think it is necessary to be fluent in English and because you need to speak it fluently to travel around the world.
    • Do volunteer work. I think it´s really cool to do things for people who are in need because it´s so gratifying.
    • Write a book. I love writing and publishing a book will make me very happy.
    • Learn to play the violin. I really enjoy playing music, so I´d like to play the violin because I think it´s a beautiful instrument.
    • Make a difference in someone´s life. I think it´ll be wonderful that someone remembers you with affection.
    • Do a degree and get a good job. Because everybody wants it and it gives stability in your life.

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